Solving the Problem of Water Leaks

You went out to enjoy the morning. You checked your mailbox and came across your monthly water bill. All of a sudden, the world is spinning because you are not sure if the figure in the bill is right. It is normal to feel confounded by a sudden increase in you water bill, but before you go blaming yourself or the people within your household, try to analyze your water usage in the past month. The typical domestic uses of water include drinking, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, and watering the car or the garden, among several others. If there was no unusual activity that might have caused the sudden spike in water consumption, chances are you probably have water leaks.

Below are the most common causes of water leaks:

  1. Possible clogs in drains, toilets, gutters or in the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system
  2. Old plumbing system that has been eaten away by rust and other forms of corrosion
  3. Uneven or unregulated water pressure
  4. Rusting and sediment in water heaters
  5. External leaks caused by tree roots growing into your pipes
  6. Sudden extreme temperature changes
  7. Poor plumbing job

It is recommended that you seek the help of a qualified professional to ensure that the incident is resolved properly and does not happen again in the future. It will help you avoid unnecessary costs that may be incurred if you decide otherwise. You can seek the help of leak detection experts at Drain Busters Plumbing & Rooter if you think you have a plumbing leak in your home or office. They can do emergency plumbing, re-piping, drain cleaning, or burst pipe repair, depending on your needs.

Try to conduct regular checkups or maintenance of appliances, toilets, pipes, water heaters and gutters to avoid water leaks in the future. That way, you will not get dizzy the next time you open that mailbox and read your bill.

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