3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Clearing A Clogged Sink

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Whether you like it or not, you are going to have and experience draining problems at your home. One such problem is clogged sinks. If you have experienced a clogged sink, whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen sink, then you know how annoying it can be. Luckily, you can easily break up any blockage at your home yourself without necessarily seeking the assistance of a professional plumber. However, there are a few dos and don’ts of clearing a clogged sink that you should know before embarking on your drain cleaning process. This post will highlight the top mistakes you should avoid when clearing a clogged sink.

Avoid Buying Drain Cleaners from Your Local Grocery or Hardware Store

In most cases, drain cleaners offered at your local grocery or hardware store work on slightly clogged sinks. Furthermore, if these drain cleaners do end up working you will find that the sinks will be unclogged for a very short time maybe a day or two. With that in mind, it’s very important that you avoid getting your drain cleaners from your local grocery or hardware store. If you are not sure about a drain cleaner, simply get in touch with a professional plumber and he or she will assist you accordingly.

Avoid Pouring Hot Water & Vinegar on Your Clogged Sinks

One thing I would like to point out right away is that this method actually does work when it comes to unclogging your clogged sink. However, it does have a very big negative and that is the fact that if you pour hot water and vinegar on your clogged sinks it will eventually end up damaging your drain pipes,  leading to leaks thus bringing about other unwanted drainage problems that will definitely cost you a lot of money to fix. Furthermore, pouring hot water on your clogged sink can only makes matters worse because in some cases, especially when you use hot water alone, it ends up sitting on the bottom of your sink without doing anything, therefore, making matters worse.

Avoid Using Excessive Force When Plunging

Using excessive force when plunging is another drain-cleaning mistake you should avoid when clearing a sink. When you exert too much force when unclogging your sinks, it can result in you damaging your home’s drain line connection, which ultimately leads to leaks that as we all know causes serious plumbing issues that need extensive work that in most cases end up costing you a lot of money. While still on matters force, avoid using a drain bladder when unclogging your sink as it too brings with it excessive force or pressure.


There you have it, 3 drain-cleaning mistakes you should avoid when clearing a clogged sink. All-in-all, always remember to get in touch with a professional plumber if you are not sure on how to go about clearing a clogged sink. If you happen to have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to interact with us in the comment section below or simply contacting one of our professional plumbers and they will assist you accordingly.

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