Septic Pump Repair and
Replacement in Mobile, AL

Septic pumps, or effluent pumps, are responsible for directing greywater from your septic tank to the leach field. If your septic pump suffers from damage or wear and tear over time, it can cause a serious emergency with sewage entering your home.

Leave your septic pump needs to our experts at DrainBusters Plumbing. We provide professional septic pump repair, installation, and replacement services throughout the Mobile, AL area. No matter your needs, you can rely on our team to deliver the exceptional results you deserve.

Give us a call today for same-day septic pump repair or replacement in Mobile, AL or the surrounding area.

Septic Pumps are an Integral Part of Your Septic System

Properties with elevated leach fields will require an efficient septic pump to prevent greywater (wastewater with very little solids) from flowing back into the home. (Sewage ejector pumps are responsible for handling larger solids).

If your system requires a septic pump, our experts at DrainBusters Plumbing are happy to recommend the right equipment, including helping you select the housing material and pump size to meet your specific needs and budget. Reach out today to schedule septic pump services in Mobile, AL.

When Should You Call for Septic Pump Repair or Replacement in Mobile, Alabama?

Septic pumps typically last 10 to 15 years. How long your septic pump lasts will depend on how hard it has had to work to direct wastewater to the leach field and the frequency of your septic tank filling up. If your septic pump is over ten years old, it’s a good idea to make plans to have it replaced soon to avoid an unexpected emergency.

In some cases, problems with the septic pump are caused by the float switch. This is one of the first things we will check before recommending a full septic pump replacement. It’s less costly and less of a hassle for our customers to have the float switch repaired or replaced.

Call us today for honest advice and solutions, and get your septic repair or replacement needs resolved without hassle in Mobile, AL.

Schedule Septic Pump Installation or Repair in Mobile, AL Today

At DrainBusters Plumbing we are committed to helping homeowners find fast solutions to their septic pump concerns. Whether you need to have your septic pump repaired or replaced, you can rely on our licensed Mobile, AL plumbing professionals to handle the job without hassle. We will take the time to inspect the problem with your septic pump and offer the best solution for your system. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for immediate service and solutions you can trust.

Don’t let a failed septic pump create an emergency. Contact us today to schedule same-day septic pump services in the Mobile, AL area.

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    Customer Experiences

    Good people
    Terry Culver
    Drainbusters installed all the plumbing and fixtures in our new home. The staff were professional and courteous. They left the work areas clean and tidy. All fixtures and accessories worked as designed the first time with no rework. We are very satisfied and would definitely recommend them for any size project. We will use them exclusively for our future needs.
    Clay McClinton
    Marc did an AWESOME job he came in I showed him what the problem was and he fixed it fast with no problem one of the best services I ever had
    Deidra Watson
    Wasn't getting water ballvalve issues
    Tabutha Cartwright
    Cordell- was awesome. Very professional and friendly and went to extra step to make sure we had no problems. Thorough and great. Will definitely request him in the future.
    Mackenzie Stanford
    I called Drain Busters at 8 a.m. yesterday. Water was coming from the washing machine into the bathtub. and when I flushed the toilet, water from the toilet was going into the tub. In less than an hour Bruce Marschke showed up at my house. He was extremely nice and very knowledgeable. He assured me that he would be able to fix my problem. He got everything back working on that same day. I was very satisfied and will definitely call them in the future. Bruce deserves more than 5 stars. He has a great personality and is very professional. Don't hesitate to call Drainbusters if you have plumbing problems.
    Evelyn Mack
    Bruce came to fix my water leak I had. Very professional and on time. Always said yes sir and no sir. I'm happy Bruce gave me options to choose from to get the issue resolved.
    Henry Huynh
    Cordell was the plumber that arrived to assesses a sewer drain blockage.He was EZTDBW (Easy To Do Business With), professional, took pride in his work, explained the process for clearing the blockage, then proceeded to complete the task. I would call Drainbuster in the future, shoud the need arise.
    Sherry Cantrell
    DO NOT EVER CALL ANYONE ELSE…. Craig came to our house and installed a dishwasher, hot water heater, cleaned out faucets and literally every word that came out of his mouth was yes sir. VERY PROFESSIONAL IN A HARD INDUSTRY. A GREAT REPRESENTATION OF THE COMPANY HE WORKS FOR. We would never use anyone else again.
    Scott Ragsdale
    Drain Busters did excellent work, and we are very satisfied with their prompt arrival and services.
    Trula McClinton
    Excellent customer service. The repairs that were needed were explained to me. I will contiune to use Bl
    Carlos Dials
    After trying several services listed in my area, Drain Busters not only responded with same day service, but within the hour although I didn’t say it was an emergency. Chris and his helper went the extra mile to get my repair completed today in an efficient manner. Drain Busters is to be commended for their awesome service and outstanding employees! Highly recommend them for your plumbing needs.
    Catherine Enoch
    We went through a lot of flakey, no-show plumbers before calling Drainbusters, and I’m so glad we stumbled upon their business. We had to have some leaky sinks repaired and replaced in order to sell our house, and they came out the same day that I called. We were really down to the wire and needed someone to fix them ASAP and Drainbusters did just that. They were extremely prompt, very courteous, easy to get in touch with, and did great work. I couldn’t recommend them enough! We will definitely be calling them again for any future repairs.
    I had an emergency, a refrigerator filter leak that was pretty hefty and the water control valve under the kitchen sink seems frozen up. THEY came right away to keep a disaster from happening! The group I used was unavailable. Drainbuster's sent a team who got things taken care of-HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM! THANK YOU DRAIN BUSTER'S YOU GAINED A NEW CUSTOMER!
    Debra Lewis
    Bruce the owner came by with a helper. He not only took care of my house but was able to make time to shoot over to my dads to fix his! He had everything done and cleaned up within an hour (at each house) for a simple sink drain issue. Although its not always that quick he took care of us and made sure we didnt need anything else before he left! Thank you Bruce and his team!
    Dylan Holden
    John Stephens and Zac did a wonderful job. Both are skilled and knowledgeableand have a wonderful work ethic.
    John Cox
    Ashley Bullard
    Drainbusters is a great company. Bruce came out quickly and fixed my water heater . Very nice , very professional , wonderful service. Thank you so much !
    None None
    DrainBusters Plumbing did a great job replacing the old pipes under the slab of our home. Bruce made sure the job was done right at a reasonable price.We highly recommend DrainBusters Plumbing.
    Patricia Milne
    What an amazing experience! We were dreading having to contact a plumber but were at our wit's end when an old washer hose refused to come off when we had a new washer installed! We looked at the reviews first and saw they came highly recommended. Bruce (the owner) was very courteous and took my call on a Sunday. We were able to get an appointment for first thing this morning. Scott was very professional and was able to fix our problem quickly! The price was very reasonable and we were even informed that they do not charge extra on days like Sunday. If you need plumbing help, these are your guys!
    Paul Bartlett
    What a GREAT company!! This plumbing company went above and beyond our expectations! They made sure we understood everything that was going on with our job. Their customer service was exceptional and I felt very comfortable with them. Will highly recommend them to anyone!
    Alionna Murrill
    I highly recommend DrainBusters Plumbing. Bruce was extreamly nice, polite and honest. He expained that the problem wasn't a clog at all and that our septic tank needed to be pumped out. He even recommeded someone and called him for us. Bruce has intergrity beyond belief - you will not be sorry if you use his service. If you need a plumber, he is the one to call!!! I hope he's in business for a very long time!!
    Cissy McCluer
    Had an outside faucet leaking on Sunday. Called these folks and they were at my house within the hour and had it fixed quickly. Price was very reasonable for coming out on a Sunday. Will definitely keep their number in my phone!
    A Minor
    I was very impressed how fast the guy came after I called. I had a leak under my kitchen sink and needed it fixed ASAP. Someone recommended this company to me so I called them and was very pleased with their work. Problem solved 😊
    Angela Allen
    Your guy showed up on time fixed my water heater quickly..thanks for the help.
    James Gordon
    Best plumbing service around
    Devin Long
    Rows Rambles
    Did such amazing work!
    Jamie Finch
    Amazing service!
    Molly Bres
    Ashley Bolton
    Bruce did a great job! We brought him out for a second opinion and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. He saved us almost $500! We recommend him to everyone!
    Abby Long
    The most hard working and respectful man I've ever had in my home Who you gonna call?? DRAIN BUSTERS
    Courtney Abercrombie
    We use Drain Busters for all our renal properties at the company I work for.... They always go out in a timely manor and get the job done... And to top it off they have Great Customer Service!!!!!!! Thanks Guys!
    Alice Byers
    Amazing service. Very professional. Came when convenient for me. Definitely recommend!
    Thanks for being on time and getting the hot water tanked fixed quickly! -jp
    stefani zuber
    Quick-service decent prices. They were attentive to the plumbing issues and work quickly to resolve my issue would recommend them
    joey barrett
    100% Professional Experience. Fantastic Price compared to other Plumbing companies. Will absolutely do business with again.
    Frank Lanier
    Bruce said Scott would be there at 7 and he was on the dot!
    Ella Hood
    They were awesome..very respectful... did the job in one day.. cleaned up behind themselves.. I wouldn't use anyone else but you guys for plumbing work in the future
    Second job they did for me and just as professional as the first. Very professional, one time price is reasonable with others. I will continue to use their services.
    Drew Barron
    These guys are awesome. They replaced a busted gas line for me that was destroyed by a lightening strike. I appreciated that they worked to find the best, safest solution for us and got it done as soon as possible so we could have hot water! Will be using them again for any plumbing needs, for sure.
    Kristin Hamilton
    Drainbusters came and did an excellent drain cleaning job!! The tech thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and tested everything. He was in no rush and didn't leave any detail out. Gave me alot of good tips. He did very thorough work, as if it was his own house. I am quite satisfied. I will tell everyone here about your great service! Feel free to use my name as a reference.
    Jennifer Southern
    I don't normally do these reviews, but my sister recommended you after you rescued her last week. I want to thank you for respecting my home, being professional and only fixing what was broken. It's hard to find honest workers that don't take advantage of people like me, who know nothing about repairs. You will always have my vote.......even though I hope I never have to call again...Thanks again. Your attitude, respect, work ethic and attention to detail did not go unnoticed.
    I had a plumbing emergency last Saturday afternoon. The shower would not turn off. Every plumber I called was either closed or would be a few hours. Bruce was very helpful he arrived within 30 minutes. He explained exactly what the problem was. He then quickly and efficiently fixed the problem. His pricing was very reasonable. If you have plumbing needs, I highly recommend Drain Busters Plumbing & Rooter Services!
    Tiffini Parker
    Recently I had Reliant Plumbing install a new hot water heater recirculation pump on my hot water heater. Now instead of waiting 5 to 10 minutes for hot water to reach my shower I get hot water instantly.What a great job. Thanks 🙂
    raquel Rowan

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