Mobile, AL Plumbing Leak Detection

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Plumbing Leak Detection Services Mobile, AL, AL

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When one of your pipes develops a leak, the evidence of it may be found quite some distance from its source. If a leaky pipe develops in walls or ceilings, the flow of water can travel from one end of the room to another or down several stories before it pools and becomes evident within your home. Other leaks can go completely unnoticed save for a noticeable increase in water consumption.

Do You Suspect You Have A Water Leak?

Aside from the obvious indicators of a water leak like the appearance of water stains on ceilings or walls, or the accumulation of puddles along the floor, other signs that you may have a leak include dripping or gurgling sounds in your walls or a noticeable increase in your monthly water bills. If you believe you may have a leak somewhere within your home, try turning off all of the taps and ensuring that none of your appliances that use water are on; then check your water meter. If it shows that water is still being consumed, you may have a hidden leak. Undetected leaks can lead to the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew and can cause serious damage to your home.

When the evidence of a leak arises, such as water damage on ceilings or walls or water pooling on the floor, it’s natural to think that the source of the leak is just on the other side of the wall or ceiling. Unfortunately, that is rarely true. Many homeowners fear that locating a leak means tearing up ceilings and walls. Thankfully, that is not the case.

What To Do When You Have A Hidden Water Leak

It is usually a good idea to shut off the flow of water within the home in order to limit the amount of damage resulting from the leak. The next step is to call in the professionals. The team at DrainBusters Plumbing is equipped with the latest in specialized equipment that will help us locate the leak. These tools include cameras mounted on snakes that can travel through your pipes and sensitive equipment that can detect the sound made by a water leak. This technology can prevent unnecessarily cutting into walls, ceilings or floors and can quickly help us find where the issue resides so that it can be corrected.

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