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Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

Untreated water leaks can be expensive problems, since over time they can lead to major water damage in your walls and flooring. Below are five signs of hidden leaks; if you have any of these issues, you may need to hire a professional to find the leaks and repair your Mobile plumbing.

1. Mold Growth

Even if you clean your Mobile home regularly, you may still see mold growth if you have a hidden water leak. Dark, moist spaces provide the ideal environment for mold growth.

A leaking pipe in a wall or under your flooring will provide both of those things. Mold or mildew in parts of your bathroom that are not directly connected to your shower can be a clear indication of a hidden leak.

The longer your plumbing leaks without being detected and repaired, the faster the mold will grow.

2. Blistering Paint/Wallpaper

The normal moisture produced in your home should not cause paint or wallpaper to separate from the wall. However, moisture from a hidden leak can cause that separation. The result is that your wall covering may start to disintegrate and fall away in pieces.

3. Wall and Ceiling Damage

Warping and stains can also indicate hidden water leaks. When drywall is exposed to the excessive moisture that results from a leak, it can become spongy and may start to warp or fall apart.

If the moisture gets into the ceiling, this may cause it to sag. When enough water has accumulated in your ceiling, it may eventually result in a leak. Since leaks often originate in bathrooms, you may notice the ceiling sagging in the room directly beneath the bathroom.

4. Flooring Damage

Bathroom floors rarely suffer water damage without there being a leak somewhere. Hidden leaks are often indicated by floors that are cracking or buckling, or that are developing stains for no discernible reason.

Other signs include a floor that gives underfoot. The leak may be from a pipe located beneath the floor or it may be from somewhere else.

5. Musty Smell

When there is an accumulation of water from a leaking pipe, there will usually be a smell accompanying it. If you smell a musty or earthy odor even after deep cleaning your home, the probability that you have a hidden leak is high.

The smell is due to the fact that the water never gets a chance to dry and therefore becomes stagnant.

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