In Order To Save, We Must Conserve

Appliances in Your Home that Waste Water

Toilets, washing machines, and showers — they use nearly half of the water in your Mobile home. (Have a garden or lawn? Watering that accounts for about a third.)

It may be difficult to realize how much water you might be wasting until you get an enormous water bill. But with some care, you can use your water-guzzling appliances wisely and cut the amount of water you use — and waste.

Toilets Could Be the Culprit

If you have an old commode, get rid of it. Older models use about six gallons of water per flush, but newer ones use about a third of that. You can cut water waste dramatically with this one step.

Be careful of what you toss in the toilet, too. Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate, but tissues and paper towels aren’t. Not only can using your toilet as a trash can waste water, it can clog your Mobile pipes — and that might mean extra expense for a plumber.

Washing Machines

Again, the most efficient way to cut water waste: Buy a new washing machine.

Instead of your guesstimating a small, medium, or large load, newer machines have sensors to monitor the size of loads and measure water accordingly. In addition, they’re more energy efficient, so you get a double bang for your water buck.

Measure the detergent carefully. If things get too sudsy, the washer needs more water to rinse the clothes. Wash only full loads, but don’t overfill the washer.

Choose the right setting. Unless your clothes are filthy, the normal setting will work for most loads. The heavy duty setting will extend the cycle and use more water.

Showers May Also Waste

Have an old shower head? Replace it with a newer, more efficient model that uses less water.

And you know the drill: Take shorter showers — no longer than five minutes — and take showers rather than baths.

If you’re tough about saving water and don’t mind shivering a bit, turn off the shower when you’re shampooing or lathering up.

Check for leaks frequently and fix them immediately to cut unintentional water waste — according to some calculations, household water leaks can waste a trillion gallons of water every year.

Time is money, especially when it comes to water. Even a small water leak or a little waste over time can turn into the headache of a large water bill.

Now more than ever, conservation doesn’t require a lifestyle change! Call the professionals of Drain Busters Plumbing & Rooter at (251) 665-9898 to see how easy it is to conserve water in your Mobile, AL home.

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