Water Heaters – Choosing the Right One

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Whether you are planning to install a new water heater or replacing your old one, it is important to consider some key factors before deciding on the final model – how much hot water it can produce, its energy efficiency rating, how much it costs, and availability. The needs of residential spaces are entirely different from commercial ones, particularly in terms of size and amount of water required.

There are various types of water heaters but they generally fall into the following:

  • Electric water heaters – widely available in the US and are usually the least expensive in terms of initial investment
  • Gas water heaters – more expensive than electric water heaters but with lower operating costs
  • Tankless water heaters (Other names: demand-type or instantaneous water heaters) – described to be the most energy-efficient of all heaters

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages over the others:

  1. Electric water heating has an overall cost advantage if total cost of ownership and the efficiency of the water heater are considered. It is also safer, has better indoor air quality, and the simplest and most convenient way to heat water in both residential and commercial buildings. They do however have higher operating costs relative to gas-fired water heating.
  2. Gas water heaters are easier to install, are cheaper to operate than electric, and have higher recovery rate. You can make use of natural gas if you have access to it. Otherwise, you have to rely on propane delivery.
  3. Demand water heaters also act as boosters for appliances and for a solar water heating system. They usually last longer and should produce lower operating and energy costs even if they have higher purchase price than electric water heaters. In addition, they can avoid the standby heat losses related to storage water heaters. But there is a possibility of wasted energy if they have a constantly burning pilot light.

Experts from Drain Busters Plumbing & Rooter Services can advise you to choose the best model suitable to your home or business needs and can provide professional installation as well that will ensure a safe and worry-free operation for years to come.

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