Plumbing Problems? Beat Them While You Can

Having immediate access to a wealth of information offering instant solutions to your plumbing problems, it may be easy to think that you can do all of them by yourself. Bear in mind though that what looks easy on the outside can really be complicated to someone who has no plumbing experience at all. As your doctor always tells you, still the best way to beat a sickness is to prevent its onset.

Let us take a look at the most common plumbing issues household members experience and what can be done to avoid them:

  • Blocked drains. Regularly clean drains to avoid the accumulation of dirt, oil and grease deposits, and other debris. Always be mindful of what comes down your drain. If you think it will block the flow of water at some point, then just do not do it. Use mesh screens especially in the bathrooms to catch those falling hair. Learn how to use an auger or drain snake for simple de-clogging procedures.
  • Running toilet. Ever wondered why even after flushing, the flush tank does not seem to stop its sound? It may be that some parts of the mechanism have been disengaged or something has prevented the flapper from closing, causing the water to run intermittently. Due to wear and tear, it may be ideal to replace parts with new ones. The handle is usually the first one to break down due to its constant use.
  • Low water pressure. This problem usually results from a buildup of deposits or sediment on aerators or from the most difficult to identify: leaks. Regularly clean a shower head or faucet aerator and if you can spare, buy a water pressure gauge and check the actual pressure in your pipes.
  • Conduct a regular inspection of joints, where leaks most often occur, since they are the easiest to replace. Insulate taps or protect garden hoses especially in the winter. Install a shut-off valve to every water line or ask your plumber about ABS or PVC pipes for drains.

Do not wait for these problems to occur. The best way to prevent them from happening is to seek the advice of plumbing professionals to evaluate the entire house. They can see problems before they even occur, thus easing future stress and helping you save time and money in the process.

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