Stopping A Garbage Disposal Disaster

Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

The garbage disposal is one part of your Mobile home that can cause major disasters for those who are not paying enough attention to it, particularly during the holidays.

This is because major holidays like Thanksgiving involve a lot of food, and a lot of that food may end up in the disposal.

This can cause problems as certain types of foods should never go in a garbage disposal, and there could be other problems as well.

Keep in mind a few simple ideas for avoiding a backup and disaster.

Your Garbage Disposal Has Limits

It is tempting to just throw everything you have at the garbage disposal and see what it can take. However, this is a terrible idea as the garbage disposal has limitations on the amount that it can reasonably be expected to handle.

Overloading the machine is only going to cause it to malfunction and break down. Rather than risking that, treat the garbage disposal as a tool for eliminating waste, but not as the only thing that is used for that purpose.

Certain Foods Must Stay Out

There is no way around it, certain foods must stay out of the garbage disposal is you are hoping to keep it safe and clean. This means that things like egg shells, bones, and even pasta need to stay out of the garbage disposal.

These types of waste have clogged many garbage disposals and caused them to malfunction or simply break down. Since many of these food types are common with the Thanksgiving season, be extra mindful of what you are attempting to put down the disposal and avoid putting these down there if you absolutely can.

A Little Running Water Goes A Long Way

Running the water while using the garbage disposal is an easy way to keep it running. You can get the food waste to continue to move along down the disposal more smoothly this way, and that is something that matters greatly to a number of people.

Remember that water is the solution here, not just any liquid. As a matter of fact, other common cooking liquids such as oil or grease may actually cause the disposal to get blocked up as well. No one wants to deal with that.

If the garbage disposal does get blocked up for any reason, make sure to call in a professional to take a look at it and hopefully get it back up to working speed.

Don’t get clogged up this Thanksgiving in your Mobile, AL home, call Drain Busters & Rooter today at (251) 665-9898.

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