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The Cleanliness And Convenience Of A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal units, installed under your kitchen sink, are designed to powerfully shred food scraps into very small pieces that are combined with water and sent safely down the drain.

These devices, which have been around for decades, make the cleanup after your meals much faster. Simply rinse any leftover pieces of food right into the sink and, with the flip of a switch, the waste is sent right down the drain. Additionally, since the food scraps aren’t tossed into the kitchen’s garbage containers, you will be reducing the possibility of bacterial growth and unpleasant odors they can cause. Garbage receptacles containing food waste also tend to attract pests and insects.

Little-Known Facts About Garbage Disposals

Most people believe that garbage disposal units are not environmentally friendly. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth for several reasons:

Reduced volumes of waste to landfill sites – it is estimated that food scraps make up approximately 12% of all solid waste in the US landfill sites. As this waste decomposes, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Not only does a garbage disposal reduce the amount of food waste destined for landfill sites, it also serves to minimize the number of plastic garbage bags that would equally end up there.

Wastewater used as a source of renewable energy – many water treatment facilities across the US are now harvesting the methane found in municipal wastewater to convert it to biogas. Some research has indicated that wastewater can contain as much as 10 times more energy than is required to treat it. When you send food scraps into your wastewater using a garbage disposal, you are substantial substantially boosting its methane content, which can be used for the production of clean energy.

The addition of a garbage disposal does not significantly increase your energy or water consumption – a garbage disposal usually increases a household’s overall water consumption by only 1%, and costs and estimated $0.50 in electricity use.

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