Start the New Year on a Right Note


Inventive Ways to Remodel Bathroom

The New Year is a time for new beginnings. With this in mind, one thing you might want to give a fresh start is your bathroom. Bathrooms tend to be one of the rooms guests remember most.

You want to make sure you leave a good impression. You can also have fun with the design as well. Below are five inventive ways to remodel your Mobile home bathroom for the New Year.

1. Install a Standing Tub

One thing that can add some classical and stylish panache to your Mobile home bathroom is a standing tub. Tubs that are built into the floor are old hat.

While standing tubs are indeed older, they have a more romantic and sophisticated air to them. Choose a standing tub with claw feet for a truly regal look.

2. Bring in Some Sun Light and Plant Life

A bathroom is all about water. Nothing compliments water quite like nature. Certainly consider installing a nice window to let in some natural sun light to brighten up the space.

Either angle the window to provide yourself some privacy or use one way glass. Next, bring in some plant life. Choose indoor palm plants or tropic flowers to give your bathroom a resort like atmosphere.

3. Open up Your Master Bedroom Bathroom

A recent trend for the bathrooms connected to master bedrooms has been removing the walls completely and opening up both rooms to each other. This can create a striking design statement as well as a sexy atmosphere for a couple.

4. Make Your Mirror a Focal Point

One of the focal points of the design of any bathroom should be the mirror over hanging the sink. Take it to the next level and truly make it an eye catching center piece.

For example, you can choose a mirror surrounded by lighting reminiscent of old Hollywood. Another option is a mirror with an exciting frame. Frames made out of hammered copper or interconnected stones are excellent choices.

5. Turn Your Bathroom into a Stone Cave

Most people save stone, marble and tile for the bathroom floor. However, it can also be great for the walls, countertops and even the ceiling. That is correct.

With the use of cement board, you can give your ceiling a stone like appearance without the risk of injuries due to falling stone or tile. Having the wall, floor and ceiling decorated this way can truly transport you to another world in your bathroom.

Start the new year in your Mobile, AL home with a new bathroom! Call Drain Busters & Rooter at (251) 665-9898 today, so we can get started on your new bathroom!

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