Specific Regulations for Your Water Heater

3 Main Water Heater Regulations

What Are Water Heater Regulations?

Water heater regulations are standards or codes that are implemented by the federal government and/or state to dictate how water heaters are manufactured as well as how they are installed.

Certain regulations will dictate manufacturing of water heaters, which means they have to be created a certain way.

Other regulations will dictate how a water heater is installed, which means they must be installed in a specific manner in order to comply with the regulations.

3 Regulations To Consider

Energy Efficiency- If you decided to look up information about the regulations for a water heater, one of the first things you’ll come across is the new regulations for April 2015 energy efficiency.

It’s necessary for manufacturers to create water heaters to make them more energy-efficient than they previously were, and this may mean that the new water heaters will be a different size than before, possibly bigger.

Bigger water heaters mean that those installing the units may have problems if they only have very little space to install a water heater. Although some may feel that the new regulation is a bit of a pain, those getting a new water heater installed will be thankful because they’ll have a lower energy bill because of an energy-efficient water heater.

Bottom Board- Most people heat their Mobile homes via an HVAC unit, but it’s possible that a water heater may be located in a garage or basement where it’s not heated.

If there is an unheated space where an electric water heater will be located, then it needs to be on an insulated surface that’s incompressible, which is known as a bottom board. The bottom board is great for increasing energy efficiency of a water heater and preventing heat loss from the bottom of the water heater.

Location- Where a water heater can be installed is very important, and the plumber will have to scout out locations in the home to place the water heater. As long as a location is safe, then the water heater can be installed.

Get The Right Person For The Job

You have to get a plumber in your Mobile area, to do any type of work that needs to be performed on your water heater, so make sure you’re getting the right plumber for the job. The plumber must be certified in repairing or installing water heaters as well as knowing the current water heater regulations.

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