Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Leaks are a household’s common plumbing problem. Once we hear running water from the bathroom or see a dripping faucet, there is already a clear manifestation of water leak. However, not all leaks are visible right away. A slab leak may just be waiting to be recognized. Slab leaks are pipe leaks in the concrete foundation of a home. They usually occur in older homes and have the potential to be costly and cause huge damage if left unnoticed.

Here are some slab leak signs that you should pay particular attention to in order to prevent unnecessary major slab leak repairs:

  • Warm spots on the flooring
  • Increasing water bills
  • Water building up around the foundation
  • Damp carpet or flooring, particularly in the basement; or presence of mildew or excessive mold
  • Sound of water running even when all water is turned off

Some of the most common causes of slab leaks include a shift in the ground, faulty wrapping of the pipes, nicked line, poor pipe installation, and pipe erosion, which may result from electrolysis (happens when the copper in the pipes interacts with mineral in the soil beneath a home).

Do not ignore these slab leak signs. Do not act on your own as well. A plumbing professional can better manager this problem and would know the best way to execute the solution. They may use slab leak detection equipment such as water leak locator, acoustic equipment, radio detector for metallic pipes and other utilities, and an air system that can simultaneously detect pressure and leak.

In case you are wondering if slab leak insurance is possible, depending on your policy, it may or may not be covered. Most of the time though, if the insurer can prove that negligence is the culprit and not due to sudden and catastrophic leaks, they are likely to deny your slab leak claims. Put this additional inconvenience to rest and get in touch with a plumbing expert now.

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