Time to Install Low Flowing Fixtures

How Low Flow Fixtures Can Help You Save on Water

Limited water resources have become the subject of may news stories as demand for water exceeds available resources. Heavily populated areas compound the problem by inundating municipal and regional sewer systems with too much water, resulting in infrastructure failure and water quality issues.

Low flow toilets, shower-heads and faucets provide effective ways to reduce personal water consumption without impacting quality of life. As a side benefit, reduced water consumption often results in lower water bills, making low flow devices even more attractive.

Low Flow Toilets

Low flow toilets use significantly less water than traditional full flow toilets. Older toilets use as many as 3.5 gallons for each flush, but low flow toilets use 1.6 gallons or less, per flush.

In the past, low flow toilets often required two flushes to get the job done, but modern designs have made low flow toilets reliable and powerful.

With a water savings of about 50%, low flow toilets make just as much economic sense as they do environmental sense. Although federal law, for new construction, mandates low flow toilets these units often can be fitted to older homes and office buildings.

Low Flow Shower Heads

More than one-fifth of personal water consumption occurs in the shower, making it a great place to save. Modern low flow shower-heads significantly reduce water use in the shower, without compromising the shower experience. These devices allow water to flow at a rate between one-half and two gallons per minute, saving much water and money every year.

People can choose from a variety of low flow designs, including massaging shower-heads and units designed to operate in settings with low water pressure. Manufacturers offer both aerating and non-aerating models.

Low Flow Faucets

Faucets that reduce the flow of water without sacrificing utility contribute to the effort to preserve money and the environment.

Low flow faucets for the kitchen and bathroom can reduce water consumption by almost one third, when compared to their traditional counterparts.

Faucets that carry the WaterSense label use 1.5 gallons or less and maintain water pressure at about 60 pounds per square inch.

Federal guidelines establish the minimum specifications for these faucets, so users know they provide ample flow for most ordinary settings.

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