The Toilet Technologies to Keep an Eye Out For

The Latest Toilet Technologies

While toilets have evolved throughout the decades, it’s doubtful nobody expected the incredible advances toilet technology has made in recent years. However, in many Mobile homes now you can find everything from heated toilet seats to ones that monitor a person’s body temperature or blood pressure.

No matter what type of toilet you’d like in your bathroom, chances are there is a model to fit your needs. If you want to learn more about the specifics of toilet technology, take a look at several of the most recent advances.

Comfortable, Convenient, and Stylish

For more and more Mobile homes today, the bathroom is all about being comfortable, convenient, and stylish. To make sure this is the case, toilet manufacturers have worked to create toilets that provide levels of comfort and convenience unlike any seen before.

For example, some of the most popular options are seats that can be heated up with the touch of a button. Perfect for cold mornings, the heated seat is popular with everyone.

Along with this, many toilets now offer air freshening systems, dryers, and spraying massages that let both the person and the room be much fresher.

The Pulse of the Toilet

While a toilet may not have a pulse, there are models now that can actually take the pulse of the person who happens to be sitting on it at the time. First used for patients in hospitals and nursing homes, these toilets can now track a person’s pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar, and even body temperature.

Considered to be a smart choice for seniors or others who may have health problems, these toilets are expected to boom in popularity as the U.S. population ages.

A Forceful Flush

For many toilets, one of the biggest problems involves not having enough power behind their flush. However, thanks to toilet engineers, that problem is practically solved.

Even though today’s toilets are made to be low-flow and use less than two gallons of water per flush, these toilets are now capable of flushing at least 24 golf balls down them when tested in a lab.

Needless to say, most people will not be flushing 24 golf balls down their toilets, so chances are the toilets will have more than enough power to accommodate any home.

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