The Plumbing Tips to Save the Pet Owners

Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

As pet owners know, when you own a pet you should be prepared for anything and everything. Unfortunately, this is true when it comes to the owner’s plumbing system. Pets of all kinds, particularly dogs and cats, can wreak havoc with drains and pipes at times.

In addition, many things pet owners do that they think are beneficial for them and their pets can actually cause quite a bit of harm to the plumbing system.

To ensure this is not the case at your Mobile home, here are some of the best plumbing tips to keep your drains and pipes clean.

Don’t Flush the Litter

While much of today’s cat litter is flushable, plumbers everywhere advise people to do anything but that when cleaning a litter box.

When this type of litter is flushed down the toilet, it becomes as hard as concrete and ultimately sets up in the drains and pipes, causing extensive clogs.

When this happens, it’s a virtual guarantee a plumber will need to be called to fix the problem, and the repair bill may be quite high in the process. Along with avoiding flushable litter, it’s a good idea to not let your dog drink from the toilet due to all the hair they will deposit there.

As a result, each flush sends more and more hair down the drain, which results in clogs as well. By keeping the toilet lid closed and offering Fido plenty of water in his bowl, this problem can be avoided.

Baths and Clogged Drains

While giving your Mobile home pet a bath helps keep them clean, it often gets the bathtub drain and pipes clogged with plenty of hair. If enough hair is clogging the pipes, a plumber will be needed to clean the drain and pipes after Fido’s bath is over.

To keep this from happening, drain covers can be installed or drain strainers can be used to catch hair and other things before they go down the drain.

Be Wary of Exposed Drains and Pipes

If you want to guarantee having to call a plumber to solve a plumbing emergency, leave drains and pipes exposed around pets. Puppies can chew on pipes and ruin them, while kittens can crawl into a drain or pipe and become stuck for long periods of time.

By having a plumber install specially-designed drain covers made primarily to keep out pets, these situations can be avoided.

Don’t let your fluffy pup clog up your drain! If you need drain cleaning in your Mobile, AL home call Drain Busters & Rooter at (251) 665-9898 today!

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