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5 Home Winterization Tips

Winter is coming and even if it doesn’t get to the freezing temperatures here in Mobile, its always good to stay top of mind on these issues.

As the seasons change, your mind may easily turn to the cold weather that will soon arrive. While you may be making plans to move some of your potted plants indoors and to get your winter coats out of storage, you also need to prepare your Mobile home for the changing weather.

Winterizing your Mobile home can prevent many types of repair issues and can help you to be more comfortable indoors throughout the season, and it is easy to do when you follow a few simple steps. Before the first freeze of the year, consider following these winterization steps.

Protect Your Pipes

One of the most common issues homeowners face in the winter is burst pipes from freezing temperatures.

Water in the pipes will expand when it freezes, and the pressure of the expanding water can cause pipes to rupture. This can cause expensive repair bills, property damage and the expense of wasted water.

Therefore, drain water from exterior pipes, including the irrigation system, to prevent the pipes from rupturing. In addition, cover the exterior pipes, such as the faucet for the water hose. A plumber can assist you with these efforts

Check Your HVAC System

You may be turning your heater on for the first time of the season soon, so you should check your HVAC system to ensure that it is functioning well.

Make sure all of the connections are secure and that the pilot light is lit. A heating and cooling system technician can complete these steps with annual maintenance on your system.

Seal Your Doors and Windows

A final step to take to prepare your home for the winter months is to seal your doors and windows. This can be completed by applying caulk around the door and window frames.

You can also purchase new trim and a door sweep for the doors. This will keep the heated air from the HVAC system inside the home and minimize the impact of drafts in your space.

Winterizing your home can help you to keep your home well-maintained and can prevent some types of repair issues from developing. It can also help you to keep your energy bills lower and can improve your comfort level in the home.

Some winterization steps can be completed on your own, but you may consider requesting service from skilled professional contractors for assistance with some of the more complicated tasks to ensure that they are completed correctly.

Winter is almost upon us in the Mobile, AL area. To get the best advice on winterizing your home, call Drain Busters Plumbing & Rooter at (251) 665-9898 today!

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