Fix the Clog with These Recommended Techniques!

Plumbers Recommended Technique of How to Unclog a Sink

Whether it’s the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or a sink located in your Mobile laundry room, there’s little doubt that there is nothing more inconvenient than a clog forming in the sink’s drain.

However, while this can pose a problem temporarily, in most cases a clog can be removed rather easily. To make sure you know how to safely and easily remove a clog from your Mobile home’s drains, here are some of the most popular techniques plumbers recommend when it comes to unclogging a sink.

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

For the simplest of clogs, plumbers recommend people use a combination of white vinegar and baking soda. By pouring one-third cup of each ingredient into a bucket and then pouring the bucket’s contents down the drain, the clog may simply fizzle away.

Make sure to cover the drain’s opening with a towel, then wait 15-20 minutes. After removing the towel and running some hot water, the clog should have disappeared.

Take the Plunge

If a clog is a bit more complex and will not go away with baking soda and vinegar, plumbers recommend the next step be to call upon the plunger. Whether it’s a single-bowl sink or a double-bowl sink, the plunger can be effective in these situations.

About one-inch of water should be run in the sink, which will allow the plunger’s rubber cup to be covered.

After this, the plunger’s cup should be placed over the drain opening, making sure it adequately covers it entirely. When ready, give 20-25 powerful strokes with the plunger, wait 1-2 minutes, then repeat the process. Afterwards, try running hot water to see if the drain is clear. If not, more drastic steps will need to be taken.

The Drain Snake

If all else fails, a professional-quality drain snake will be needed to dismiss the clog. Usually it’s best to use a snake that is a minimum of 25 feet in length, since the clog may be located well away from the sink’s drainpipe.

By removing the trap under the sink and inserting the snake directly into the drainpipe, it will eliminate a few twists and turns, making it easier to reach and dislodge the clog.

If after several tries the clog remains, a plumber will need to be brought in to solve the problem. Using even more specialized equipment, plumbers can usually bring about the clog’s demise.

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