Chemical Free Water Conditioning Technologies

One of the most common problems facing pipes and home appliances is the buildup of limescale from hard water, which contains dissolved mineral such as calcium and magnesium ions. Over time, your pipes can be totally blocked with these deposits. When this happens, the flow of water may be restricted and may cause serious damage to equipment. Furthermore, your dishwashers and other machines run the risk of overheating. Expect more energy to be used for your hot water and heating systems as well. In worse cases, this may lead to shorter life expectancy of your appliances. Because of these risks, some companies offer chemical free water conditioning technologies as an option for both residential and commercial buildings.

What are water softeners and how do they work?

Water softeners use salt and ion-exchange resins that are coated in a sodium solution to allow calcium and magnesium ions to migrate out of the solution, replacing them with sodium ions. If you do not want to add salt or chemicals to your water, this is when salt-free softener or chemical free water conditioners become an alternative.

The functions of chemical free water conditioners include:

  • Removal of calcium and magnesium ions in hard water
  • Prevention of scale formation due to mineral buildup in hot water boilers and pipes
  • Help in the gradual dissolution of the scale, depending on the extent of damage the heating system has incurred
  • Prevention of rust inside pipes
  • Protection of on-demand water heaters and other sensitive home appliances from mineral build-up

What are the benefits of using chemical free water conditioning technologies?

  • Eco-friendly because they produce zero discharge and there is no need for electricity
  • Easier to maintain
  • Natural alternatives
  • Easier to clean showers and appliances
  • Compact in physical design
  • Longer life expectancy for your water heater and appliances
  • Faster and more effective results

Softened or conditioned water brings positive benefits to your family’s well-being, provides better drinking water if you have pets, and allows you to feel softer, healthier skin and hair when you bathe. Most noteworthy, you can save on installation costs and maintenance since most chemical free water conditioning technologies require less of these usual requirements. Talk to a specialist and find out the best water conditioning technology suited for your home.

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