Like sinks, tubs are also among the most commonly used drains, and are at risk to threats like hair and soap scum, making them likely to clog more often than other drains. When you shower, do you notice that the water level rising another inch up our leg each day?

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How we unclog your tub

While the causes for a tub clog may differ from a sink clog, the methods for cleaning are the same. Each of our technicians is equipped with an array of commercial grade electric snake machines. These machines use a metal cable to enter the line and break through the clog, scraping the pipe clean. The motor spins the cable as it pushes forward, allowing it to build torque which helps break through tough clogs. Because tub drains aren’t as likely to be obstructed by foreign objects and tougher-to-clear substances like grease, they don’t typically require as much torque to clear. Therefore, a technician servicing a clogged tub in your home will likely use a smaller machine specifically designed for a tub drain, so as to navigate the lines without causing damage.

Tips for preventing tub clogs

Install screens on your tub drains when possible to catch hair before it enters the drain line.